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Journey from Womb to Lap

Written by: Dr. Maryum Salman

Beneath many layers of tummy in the bloody environment, head of sperm unite with the ova of nurturing woman, they attracted, attached each other, lovely unify and play, enjoy in the hollow tube, swing along together and finally adhere with the original home. Now they are in the peaceful, nurturing, caring womb of the celestial creature of the world, the most honorable creature.

They become a cluster of the alive ball. Oh! Our heart is beating. They became ONE for whole life.  Diminishing the character of both, become one leasding character/body.

Now, this heavenly body feels protected and safely say MAMA, LOVELY MAMA.please you help me to grow as the full intellectual man. So I can meet you face to face, play with you, I can see you say wistfully;



They knock the womb of their caretaker.  Suddenly she realized that most beautiful and precious gift she has.

She can feel from inside,

Maa cares me,

Mama loves me,

I want to meet you.

But life is going on continuously. she has many stressed in her life. She has to care for other people connected to her outside. She also cares about the newly originated part of her body.

The Next morning they cry inside that I am hungry. I need an energetic meal to grow up brilliantly simultaneously husband called for breakfast. She also feels nausea. In the meantime, she is also late from her job as she has to support herself financially.

Her husband shouted; where is my breakfast? I am getting late.

The Drowsy lady replied; one-minute dear as she forgets her all Drowsy feeling, as inside newly originator also call her.

Her newly originated celestial body says, Mama. I am taken food continuously from you. I have to grow up for playing with you.

Mama, please take your healthy breakfast otherwise you will get weak, feeble, her lovely upcoming says.

I know that because of Me, you are in trouble. I am a precious gift for you from GOD.

Your happiness causes me happy. Your depression comes sadness for me.

After finishing house chores on the hot/ torrid day. She hurriedly ran for her office, after reaching she sits on a chair and feels nausea, drowsiness, tiredness But she has to fulfill all her duty.

Mama, Now I am settled here but still have to wished to see you face to face, Maa I LOVE YOU how you always bear my weight along your tummy anywhere.

 When you touch your hand on your tummy. I feel the lovely warmness of your hand inside; Precious gift says

Now I am in fear of how I face this critical world. In which easily disrespect the people, where don’t know the courtesy or politeness for world’s Honorable creature, Maa I am so fiercely about this world how we survive in future here.

Now I am in the second trimester and growing big and great in a pool.

Mama, you feel pain at both sides because I am growing. I need space, pushing your guts towards the back for making space. I know you bear every pain with a smiley face. There is no one like you in the world.

Sorry, Mama gives you such pain. I want to big more and more for meeting you.

Time is passing. Now I am in the third trimester. I am so furious and don’t want to detach from you. I don’t want to live without you. Still, I need you for breathing and feeding, but sometimes I feel suffocated. I am happy here can swim, play, and can jump.

Little swimmer said; I am big, here no enough space for me. Sometimes I feel stifled. I jump up and down speedily.

Now she feels contraction of the womb. After passing the painful journey, the low voice of the Doctor comes to her ears; CONGRATULATION BOY HAS BORN. Everyone is happy.  Sounding of congratulation comes here or there now newborn baby is on the lap’s mother and stare her face with the magnificent eyes, passed the lovely smile to him as the whole world come on her lap.


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